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Infraction names will not always change

shortninja66 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 1

Report reporter names and warning issuer names will not always be accurate if the reporter/issuer changes their username. There is a minor fix implemented, but it does not fix all name changes. I have decided that this issue is pretty small and I probably won't fix it until somebody really needs it.


Client-sided language handling

shortninja66 3 years ago 0

Currently, Staff+ allows for changing the language globally (all messages will be in the selected language). Instead, a system that sends messages in different languages based off of the locale of the player (or their entered preference) could be implemented.



Anonymous 6 months ago 0


miguelyt 7 months ago 0



como es el permiso para que los ayudantes helpers y eso puedan utilizar el /staff

YisusDMC 9 months ago updated 3 months ago 1

Conflicting with citizens

Anonymous 10 months ago 0  I get this error. I contacted few developers and all they say its StaffPLUS fault also contacted Citizens dev. He told that I need to fix Staff+



CasauXanhLa 11 months ago updated 11 months ago 1 Mik muon tieu diet ba het no hacker trong sever



killerD_YT 1 year ago 0

only permission while in staff mode

Gjorgdy 1 year ago 0

Is there a way my Staff can use /tp but only while there in staff mode?



bmorenoc 1 year ago 0