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Command type for custom command modules to change items when toggled on or off?

ethanvoris01 3 months ago • updated 2 months ago 1

What command type did you use for the vanish module in /staff? im trying to add a custom vanish module in the "custom" section of the config but there is no command option that works with "item-off" and I would like my items to change when toggled vanish.


Random Teleport

Anonymous 3 months ago • updated 2 months ago 1

Is there a way to stop teleporting to staff in staff mode when using random teleport


Add permission to bypass blocked-commands and blocked-mode-commands

Anonymous 4 months ago • updated 2 months ago 1

Can you be our dev for our server?

Anonymous 5 months ago 0

We like your plugin and we wanted to ask if you can be our server dev? Of course we will discuss about pricing discord is @Skynet#7179




Freeze Menú

Anonymous 6 months ago 0

Add a menú when you freeze that show something like


your ban will be lower 

- when the user use that the staff get notify that has admit


- when the use use that the staff get notify that the user want a SS


ProtocolSupport bug

Anonymous 7 months ago 0

Staff+ dont work with ProtocolSupport idk why, i really need both plugins can somebody help me


Total and list

Anonymous 7 months ago 0

can you combine total and list in /vanish together?


Can't use command like /warn or /note

Downer 8 months ago 0


I have this plugin Staff+ but I can't use /warn and /note it is write like if I haven't the plugin but report are ok and I can staff mode WTF ? Please help me !


No commands?

Anonymous 9 months ago 0

Hello there is a problem on my minecraft server.

StaffPlus is installed but has got no commands when doing /help.

Its green in the /pl box and config is just like normal.

Can someone help.

I think its a problem on my side but still what do i do? :(


Warning users, mute instead of ban?

Anonymous 10 months ago 0

I would like to set it so after a certain amount of warns a user gets muted instead of banned. If I could set it up so there are multiple warning levels, after 3 = 5 mins, after 4=10 mins after 5= 30mins ect ect,