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Anonymous 3 months ago 0

Add a command to undo inventory revies 


Bug no hice nada malo

Anonymous 5 months ago 0

chat help

arnau97 5 months ago 0

in the chat, appear [staff] and my name, how can i quit [staff] ???


Console can see Staff Chat

Trần Khiếu Thiên 6 months ago 0

Hi, i want console can see Staff Chat becasue sometimes i can't join game to chat


Delete my account.

MrValentin53YT 7 months ago 0


According to article 21.1 and 17.1.c. of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) thank you for deleting all personal data concerning me.

Reason: I no longer access this site and I wish to restrict my data shared on the web.

Regards MrValentin53YT,



Anonymous 1 year ago 0


miguelyt 1 year ago 0



como es el permiso para que los ayudantes helpers y eso puedan utilizar el /staff

YisusDMC 2 years ago updated 1 year ago 1

Conflicting with citizens

Anonymous 2 years ago 0  I get this error. I contacted few developers and all they say its StaffPLUS fault also contacted Citizens dev. He told that I need to fix Staff+