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only permission while in staff mode

Gjorgdy 2 years ago 0

Is there a way my Staff can use /tp but only while there in staff mode?



bmorenoc 2 years ago 0




Adam 2 years ago 0




Anonymous 2 years ago 0

he died

Anonymous 2 years ago 0

Could you update your plugin to 1.12 ? Does this plugin require any other plugin ?

Hiphoprexx 2 years ago 0

Because the plugin is not working on my server please answr its very importante my server is oppeninbg this year at 2 June please help


How would I change the Staff+ prefix?

Cheatkid 2 years ago 0

I want to be able to change the Staff+ prefix to a more professional look


Do subtitles bypass the sound cancelling for staff mode?

Vulpus Maximus 2 years ago 0

Just found out about subtitles and I wanted to know if they would bypass the cancelled sounds for staff mode (e.g. staff member opens chest, player sees "chest opens" in subtitles, realises staff member is there). I can't test it myself since I don't have other players to test it with.


can you add the archives MySql for random teleport?

Anonymous 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1



Command type for custom command modules to change items when toggled on or off?

ethanvoris01 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

What command type did you use for the vanish module in /staff? im trying to add a custom vanish module in the "custom" section of the config but there is no command option that works with "item-off" and I would like my items to change when toggled vanish.