Allowing editing of creative inventrory and reviving heals damaged items

SquidNinja 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

Hello again, I think you should add an option in the config (it might already be there but I can't find it...) to allow the editing of the creative hotbar. Also when you revive a player , they first of all don't get teleport ed back AND their damaged items get healed

what do you mean by creative hotbar? you can change the slots of all items if that's what you mean.

in my experience, /revive never has teleported players back and only gives back their inventory. why would you want a player to be teleported back to where they died (which could be in faction territory or in a warzone)?

Oh, that didn't work for me, and /revive should at least have an option for that so it's as if they were never killed, and also when someone is revived, their damaged items are healed