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allow block interaction in the staff mode section of the config file.

what do you mean by creative hotbar? you can change the slots of all items if that's what you mean.

in my experience, /revive never has teleported players back and only gives back their inventory. why would you want a player to be teleported back to where they died (which could be in faction territory or in a warzone)?

if there is more pull for people wanting it, then yes. that's why there is a voting system.

there is no way to actually detect accurate CPS in later versions of minecraft. in 1.7 it was the most accurate due to the bounceback rate of the arm being slower. in 1.8 it become even less accurate due to the bounceback rate increasing and in 1.9+ it is obviously even slower.

i can't do much about this at all if you're using 1.10. there is only so much you can do to detect player left clicking.

hi, sorry for the late response. there is currently no scoreboard implementation for staff+ so there are no placeholders to use.

you can add commands to execute on disabling of staff mode. it is in the config, but you may have to update it.

there is already the unresolved reports gui, which can be accessed in staff mode, so staff members can easily see reports that they missed.

i will go ahead and make this gui accessible with /reports list. thanks for the suggestion!

yes there is a way, take a look at the lang folder in the StaffPlus plugin folder. all supported languages are in there and you can edit whichever one you are currently using (default is lang_en.yml).