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when a staff member is logged out, ALL commands and chat messages are blocked. the only command one can execute is /login.

the blocked commands feature blocks commands for anybody with the given permission at ALL times. however, if you have the wildcard permission (basically OP for staff+), you will be able to bypass the filter.

this blocked commands list could be applied to anybody that you don't want to have access to certain commands, not just staff members.

hopefully this answered everything you are wondering about. if you have any more questions, feel free to post.

you need to convert your language files into UTF-8. this is not the plugin's fault

vanish is "no packet" in staff+ and it works fully as expected. you are able to see the hand because staff members that have total vanish are able to see other players in total vanish.

this is NOT a bug and it will work as normal as long as the players you are expected to not see you do not have the total vanish permission.

though this is a commonly requested feature, i don't think that i plan to create staff+ into a ban management plugin. I may release an individual banning plugin some day, but i probably won't add bans to staff+.

cool idea. of course, this would only be for 1.9+. if it gets more votes i will add it for sure :p

Planned in the next patch

bungeecord is definitely planned, i just haven't found the time to actually do much.

also, please check before posting requests, there is already a web panel request here. if a request already exists for your inquiry, just upvote it so it gets moved up on the priority list.

they need the total vanish permission to see other staff members in total vanish.

please avoid reposting issues. i've already responded to your issue on github.