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Also it's a pest but you can do /vanish total to ensure in vanish no packet mode

That only sometimes happens, if you want the full experience of vanish, DOWNLOAD vanish no packet

THANKS! :D yeah the reason I wanted this was bc my anticheat makes an no fly around you and check if u r hacking and some of my staff get confused when it happens so it would be very useful as the anticheat won't glow :D

That has already been planned, please read through the current requests before YOU request

Yeah, it's annoying just doing /reload and waiting 20 seconds

Omg bungee support would be much appreciated and useful

Oh, that didn't work for me, and /revive should at least have an option for that so it's as if they were never killed, and also when someone is revived, their damaged items are healed

So are you adding the customization or NO?

Well if you can't do that, the best you can do to help 1.9 kill aura is make it so when you do a certain command or set an option in the config for the clock to do it is make an invisible entity appear above the user and see if the user hits that like GWEN (mineplex anti cheat)