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Total and list

Anonymous 3 months ago 0

can you combine total and list in /vanish together?


Can't use command like /warn or /note

Downer 5 months ago 0


I have this plugin Staff+ but I can't use /warn and /note it is write like if I haven't the plugin but report are ok and I can staff mode WTF ? Please help me !


No commands?

Anonymous 6 months ago 0

Hello there is a problem on my minecraft server.

StaffPlus is installed but has got no commands when doing /help.

Its green in the /pl box and config is just like normal.

Can someone help.

I think its a problem on my side but still what do i do? :(


Warning users, mute instead of ban?

Anonymous 7 months ago 0

I would like to set it so after a certain amount of warns a user gets muted instead of banned. If I could set it up so there are multiple warning levels, after 3 = 5 mins, after 4=10 mins after 5= 30mins ect ect,



Anonymous 8 months ago 0

Permission giver [REQUEST]

Anonymous 8 months ago • updated 7 months ago 1

Hello everyone today i'm gonna explain what my request is.

Well it's easy when someone goes into staff mode I would like people to have certain permissions that they do not have outside of staff mode.

That would be useful for bypass perworldinventories which is really giving me a hard time right now.



Fireblazeh 8 months ago 0

can I set it so if I do the /freeze command it freezes the player, and tp's the player to a set point in the world or even to a new world my server.

also if a player logs out while frozen is there a way to auto ban them or add a clickable msg in game that bans the person who logged out?


multiple commands for 1 item

Anonymous 8 months ago • updated by Fireblazeh 8 months ago 1

for example when I do /freeze I want the player to be frozen and moved.

so for the command /freeze, the command tppos (position) would be added. anyway I could do this?



Robert 10 months ago • updated 10 months ago 2

Hello! I added this plugin and the Permission Exeter one. Which is the permissions that I can add, so the Helpers will be able to take a ticket or join the staff chat


How to do so only guests can do /ticket not do /ticket repond osv only /ticket

Eiromplays 10 months ago • updated 10 months ago 3